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AWL is een hightech machinebouwer en een wereldspeler in de automotive en algemene industrie. Naast communicatie over complexe technieken en projecten was het heel belangrijk om in de interne organisatie in begrijpelijke taal te communiceren.


Wat is er nou leuker dan een fabriekshal volhangen met portretten van je eigen medewerkers? Voor een stukje interne communicatie zijn we het project "Hall of fame" gestart. Net als met een wall of fame hangt de muur nu vol met al deze mooie verhalen. Leuk voor bezoekers om te zien, maar vooral ook voor collega's onderling. Met ruim 500 medewerkers in een high tech internationaal bedrijf weet je vaak niet wat je collega's allemaal doen. Met de hall of fame hangt er nu een mooie afspiegeling van de organisatie aan de muur.


"Sometimes you forget what cool things you are working on"

As a project manager I’m responsible from the moment the project is sold until commissioning. The final objective is that the customer says: “This is exactly the machine that I always wanted to have, I’m proud of this.” The pride that a customer has for such a machine must also be felt by the team during the project. We develop great solutions and the degree of automation that we can deliver is unique. We should certainly be more proud of that. 


My first project at AWL was an unusual experience from the start. It concerned a machine purchased by a new customer in Sweden. On the way there, the project leader called me to tell me that he himself wouldn’t be there due to a business trip. A colleague would take over for him. But if we had any questions during the commisioning, we were certainly welcome to call him. And we did. When I called him, I was completely surprised when he cheerfully told me that he was fishing! And he even sent me some photos right away. How strange, that you do something like that and in the meantime cancel our appointment, I thought. But in reality, it is very normal to go fishing at a business meeting in Sweden. Just like we Dutch go out to eat together, for example. 

You just have to know that.

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"It's cool when colleagues see the

added value of my software"

In my work I’m mainly concerned with programming robots. Right now I’m focusing on the improvement of the path that the robot takes. The positions and orientation must be very precisely defined, and I develop software to make that easier to do. For example, I am now developing software in which you see the rotation graphically displayed. So if you want to change the angle of the robot slightly, you don’t have to rewrite this in the source code. You just move the robot on your screen and the source code is automatically adjusted on the back side. This saves a great deal of time. Especially when it concerns a lot of positions. Then you don’t need days or weeks for the manual adjustment of the codes but only a few hours or even a few minutes. What is very attractive to me are the quaternions. That is a specific form of orientations. I really like the mathematical approximation and, on the other hand, it is great to develop the software to graphically display this in various applications. I did have to learn to explain everything in an understandable manner to colleagues who don’t have this technical knowledge. They have to see the added value. It’s cool when that is successful and you see their outlook change.

Ik kan je helpen bij het vertellen van je (interne) verhaal. Heb je een project of idee in gedachten en wil je even vrijblijvend sparren? Stuur me vooral een berichtje. Dan kijken we samen naar je vraag en of we iets voor elkaar kunnen betekenen.

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